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Product Development:

Developing a Product from a Design to a reality is a time consumer and complex process.  Including the art of food technology and food safety, Vordenberg Marketing will create the offering and custom product to fulfill the design and best fit for the market.

Our experience and expertise brings a number of advantages.  The values associated with these include:

Reduced costs:  Our knowledge of logistics, processes, functionality and manufacturing can place your product in a stronger business model.

Enhanced Innovation:  With direct agreements with numerous PhD’s, patented materials and stability knowledge your product can become more unique in the market.

Complete back office support: Vordenberg Marketing’s associate group can support the plan in seamless approach giving you the team concept.

The best in quality:  Our product design and development services apply stringent quality control measures which ensure deliverables for each project.

Ala carte:  Vordenberg Marketing can customize support and services to meet the need for speed to the market and continuing support.

Highest Profit returns: By accessing our high speed manufacturing partners, packaging connections, and
world sourcing we can meet the demanding profit models supporting successes.

Product Design:

·  Ideation and profile services available for the food and beverage industry.  We can complete your line, line extensions and product niches.

·  Services all the way from design to prototype in our rapid prototype service.  Vordenberg Marketing can produce prototypes to assist in speed to market.  New package ideas, complete food technology and design.

·  Product profile, consumer trends through surveys and product development strategies

·  Resulting in speed to market, taking
advantage of timing and consumer trends.

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Three National Awards in Product Marketing:

· PLMA advertising plan of the year
· PLMA marketing plan of the year
· Export Achievement Award, US Department of Commerce,  International Trade Administration